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How to withdraw money from Perfect Money in Bangladesh

How to withdraw money from Perfect Money in Bangladesh

12 Jan, 2020

Many of you who are earning freelancing online are taking payment at Perfect Money. Today I will tell you how you can make your perfect money in BDT from Bangladesh. Here I will tell you about 2 Methods, of which the 1st Method may seem a bit tricky but you can try and with 2nd method you can easily withdraw money with. If you want to know more about Perfect Money before getting started, read our posts.

Now let's find out
How to withdraw money from a Perfect Money account
For the 1st method: Login to your Perfect Money Account, then click the Withdraw option and select Bank Wire and a form will appear.

Then, in that form, decide how many dollars you will get with your bank account name and details. Finish it properly. I hope the money will come out in 3-5 days

Although Perfect Money will not provide direct bank wire, they will basically pay the money to your bank with Exchanger so sometimes it can be a little hassle so try with a few first.

Now let's find out
Method 2: In this method you can get money by transferring your dollars to another person's Perfect Money account as well. First, see how to transfer.
Login to the PM account and click on Send Money and click on Single Payment

Then Enter the receiver's wallet ID and send.

Now you may think to whom you will give PM dollars and why or why he will pay you?

Now listen to the explanation. Just like you use Perfect Money, there are many Freelancer known around you. They also use Perfect Money. They often need dollars for various tasks such as domain buy, hosting buy, online worker hire and many more. But since there is no system to load dollars from Bangladesh, you have to take from those who will sell dollars. In this case, you will buy the dollars you need to buy, and you will get the money immediately. But of course strangers do not make any transaction with it, then you will take your dollars but if he do not pay you then you will not have to do anything.

And if you can't find anyone in the vicinity, contact us, as we've been involved with exchanging for 3-5 years, and we know many freelancer's who often need Perfect Money dollars. If you sell through us you will be able to sell and get money as well as bKash or ROCKET or Bank. And you get one hundred in security. You will find many freelancer reviews on our website who are selling through us. So you can definitely withdraw money in Perfect Money.