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  • 04 Jul 2024

Perfect Money to BDT the best exchanger to sell USD in BD

The best and Trusted website for dollar buy sell and exchange Perfect Money to BDT in Bangladesh.

Our rates are adjusted constantly. Our service is immediate. You can easily buy and sell dollars from us if you are a freelancer. We have been providing safe and fast service for years. Why buy Perfect Money Dollars from us?

1. We are a Certified Dollar Exchanger of Perfect Money.

2. We share our transaction history with Perfect Money.

3. Perfect Money constantly regulates our wallets.

4. We are accountable to Perfect Money.

5. We have 24/7 customer support to solve any problem

6. Perfect Money provides dedicated support for bartershift users.

7. Best rate in the market

8. Rates are always adjusted with the market.

9. Live support

10. VIP User Support.

How to exchange Perfect Money to BDT

Perfect Money has a very simple sign-up process. Through this, an online user can register for perfect money very easily. 

Registration in Perfect Money can be done very easily by following some steps. Type the Perfect Money Signup URL 

Even after taking the blank should be filled with personal details as per instructions. For example, complete the account creation with full name, email, postal address, telephone number, country and city name, and password.

Click on the signup button with the regulation mark. A User ID will be sent to the email which will be required for subsequent account logins. After login, you can apply for account verification. 

Once your ID is ready, you can now complete transactions in Perfect Money. Then you can see the USD Wallet ID which starts with U on your dashboard. Always use that UID while doing transactions. 

Because that is your unique wallet ID. You can easily convert from Perfect Money to BDT through our website. If you have dollars in your wallet then select single payment from the send money option. 

From the single payment option you have to fill two empty spaces one will have space for U wallet and the other will have an amount. 

Copy our U wallet ID into this wallet file then put the amount you want to sell in the space and click send. If all the information is correct then click on confirm to complete the transaction. 

After the transaction is completed, a batch ID will be given from Perfect Money, then collect the batch ID and complete the order by entering the transaction or batch ID on our website.

Note that each transaction has a unique batch ID. That batch ID expires with every transaction. So collect the unique batch ID of each transaction and complete the order on our website.


Let's learn something about Perfect Money.

Perfect Money is an e-payment solution that started in 2007. Perfect Money helps customers transfer funds anonymously over the Internet.

Although Perfect Money was founded in Panama its headquarters is in Switzerland. Perfect Money users can transact with credit or debit cards, they can transact currency, and even purchase gold. 

Currently, its cryptocurrency is also supported. This e-wallet is very popular with individuals as well as high-risk businesses such as forex, binary, or sports gaming.

Perfect Money has three types of account systems.  

All new users get a normal account with no restrictions.  Users who have used Perfect Money for more than one year and have a very good annual turnover can apply for a premium account.

Company partners can apply for a partner account for their B2B business. Perfect Money uses several security systems to protect the information of its users. 

Customers must pass through an authentication check that automatically blocks unauthorized account logins from using any unrecognized IP address. 

And SMS authentication is sent to email or mobile which users can use one time.  Users must log in to their account using that on-time passcode. 

And Perfect Money has a codecard system that helps users verify transactions. codecard system is very useful in transaction security.  

A user can turn on two-step verification from within Perfect Money for added security.  Perfect Money supports 24 seven 365 customer support which can support customers frequently. 

A customer can view his Daily Report, Monthly Report Yearly Report, or Real Time Statement from Perfect Money's dashboard.

Benefits of using Perfect Money. 

Perfect Money always provides user-friendly service.  Through this P2P and B2B services can be provided very easily.  

With the help of Perfect Money, it is possible to transact in the banking channel very easily.  It also supports transactions in other digital currencies including bank transfers. 

There are many local B2B businesses through which users can easily transact in local currency.  Almost all merchants online support Perfect Money Wallet. 

As a result, if a user wants, Perfect Money can freely purchase any online service from bill payment. 

Perfect Money has a secure transaction system consisting of email OTP mobile verification and code card.  Most importantly, its transaction fees are much lower than almost all online payments.  

A one percent fee is applicable for unverified accounts and a 0.5 percent fee is applicable for verified accounts.


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